First Thoughts on Netflix’s new dark thriller series, ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.’

The Archie Comics character, Sabrina Spellman, gets a new creepy life in Netflix’s 2018 portrayal of the old teen sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch that aired from 1996-2003. The new show stars actress Kiernan Shipka and has been renamed Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (2018-present). The modern digital effects and new name aren’t the only things that have changed, viewers of the 1996 show will remember a cheesy 90’s sitcom with a slightly charming/slightly annoying laugh-track. However, the 2018 version is far from a laughable teen sitcom, instead, it’s branded as a dark and disturbing teen drama that follows the likes of Riverdale 2017-present) and American Horror Story (2011-present). The show revolves around Sabrina’s decision (on her 16th birthday) to either stay a mortal human or become a full witch and sign her soul over to the Dark Lord (Satan). Read More

Z-Nation’s Newmerica is a Reflection of Trump’s America

On this season (5th) on SyFy’s zombie-apocalyptic comedy show, Z-Nation, the survivor group has just made the long journey North to a place called ‘Newmerica.’ The safe haven is made up of numerous outposts that are so far into the cold mountainous landscape, that the undead do not bother roaming around the area. However, I use the word ‘undead’ lightly because in the biggest outpost, Altura, we are shown that it’s not only the living that resides there…but also the undead ‘talkers.’ Read More

Z-Nation’s Season 5, Episode 3: ‘Escape from Altura’

After last week’s extreme cliff-hanger, fans of Z-Nation were anxious to see what had caused the massive explosion at the voting booths. It was a great relief when Roberta’s A-Team were the first to get back up. Warren, George, Doc, and Citizen Z were all the first to start helping others who weren’t as lucky, one man, in particular, was impaled with a table leg!

But before the first responders could start helping all the wounded and providing the newly ‘undead’ with their very much needed Z-biscuits, a hoard of deadly Zs storm the voting room. However, the threat is quickly dealt with by our team of badass survivors; shout out to George who took down a Z by bashing them in the head with a bible. Read More

Zombie Classics for Beginners

I was recently telling a friend about the start up of Surviving Patient Zero, explaining to her what type of content I’d be hoping to share when she offered an incredible idea for an article. She said she was looking to start watching zombie content, specifically The Walking Dead but she’d heard things from multiple sources like “Don’t start watching until Season 2” or “Stop watching after Season 5, that’s when it starts to go downhill.”

She told me she wanted somebody to let her know what zombie television shows and films to watch and in what order, ‘the zombie basis’ she called it. It was a brilliant idea and I’m ready to take a stab at my list of the zombie classics for people who haven’t dived into the gore-filled apocalyptic ruin of zombie culture.

Read More

Z-Nation’s Season 5, Episode 2 Review: ‘A New Life’

Welcome to Newmerica. Z Nation has ditched the Z-Weed (although you do get a flash of Doc’s pipe after he has gone through the airport like security) and swapped it for Z-Biscuits. These biscuits help the new ‘talkers’ live among the humans even though they are essentially zombies, we can, as always, thank the black rain for that.

Warren is still living her best life at Cooper’s farm while the group are getting ready to vote for the integration of talkers into Newmerican society. She is happy, relaxed, and content. But, this is Z Nation, and this is Warren, past experiences with male characters indicate that this is only going to end one way. Read More

Z-Nation’s Season 5, Episode 1 Review: ‘Welcome to Newmerica’

If everyone is honest, Season Four of Z-Nation was a bit of a hot mess. Personally, it was my least favorite season by far. The SyFy program isn’t usually known for it’s attention to explaining all the details, viewers sorta need to go with the flow. However, that season had the most unexplained outright odd storyline that lost me throughout the entire thing.

But don’t fear fellow zombie fans, Z-Nation‘s Season Five premiere was out-of-this-world mental. Firstly, I have to start with how the show’s Twitter account teased the opening scenes. They really tried to play dirty by releasing an unseen short clip in which Doc appears to be zombified. By just skimming through the replies to the tweet it was clear that fans didn’t truly fall for the trick, most claimed this had to just be another ‘acid dream’ sequence. Read More

‘The Siren and The Specter’ by Jonathan Janz Review

NetGalley Book Review

I thought this book was average at best, however, it was not as scary as I thought it was going to be since it was based around ‘the most haunted house in America.’ There was honestly only two or three creepy/supernatural things that happened in the entire book. I recently just read a YA book centered around a powerful ghost and it was like three times as scary as this horror book for adults. My second major point is that there was almost too much ‘supernatural’ things going on at once. It was like a frenzy, so much was happening but at the same time nothing was.

A major thing that took away some of my enjoyment of the book was that there were far too many powerful ghosts and they didn’t mesh well together. There was Judson, the ‘leering creatures’ that he controlled, there was possessed little girls, crazy Judson worshippers, Anna and the Native American siren. Read More

‘Plague Land: Reborn’ by Alex Scarrow Review

NetGalley Book Review

I really thought this book was going to be about something different. I was expecting a zombie book since it spoke of a virus and the title uses the word ‘plague’ (full-disclosure: I didn’t read any other novels in this series, but the author could have done a better job explaining the situation for readers like me).

Therefore, I was quite confused when the characters spoke of crab-like creatures that were constantly attacking. I couldn’t really understand what the threat was from them; they were just organisms that absorbed people and it didn’t seem like much suffering. Especially once Grace is introduced again and are able to get a the virus’ viewpoint. Read More

The Power of Film: ‘Night of the Living Dead’

The Power of Film Focused on Night of the Living Dead

Films have the potential to be a powerful medium; they are able to reach mass audiences and can spread ideas or awareness on topics to whomever watches them. The numerous genres and the constantly changing societal values make the film industry able to produce incredible movies that can be culturally or historically important. George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968) stands as one of the most influential films in the history of motion pictures. The film popularized the independent film genre and has influenced numerous other films, television shows, video games and music videos; Night of the Living Dead started the zombie craze that is still in full effect today. Romero’s film created the idea of flesh eating zombies, shattered taboos about plot points, and terrified audiences in a way that set a new standard for horror films to come. Read More

‘Feed’ by Mira Grant Review

Book Review

Honestly, this book is worth the 5 stars, I don’t know why anybody would want to rate it any differently. I loved everything about this book, from the characters to the plot, it was all amazing.

This story is what it says on the cover, Publishers Weekly called it, ‘Gripping, trilling and brutal’ and I’d honestly have to agree. The twist at the end is what makes it so brutal, you root for some characters to succeed and when they don’t and it’s not a completely happy ending it is rough. But seriously that did not take away from my enjoyment of the book. I look forward to reading the other two books that are in this ‘Newsflesh’ series. Read More

‘Warm Bodies’ by Isaac Marion Review

Book Review

I really really liked this book! I’m currently writing my university senior dissertation on zombie entertainment so I read this book to basically do some research. This book posed some amazing questions about society and basic human life. I think it was a really fresh way to read a story about zombies. Admittedly, I watched the movie first and that made me want to read the book, but I have to say that I liked the book much more than the movie.

I think R was such an awesome main character, it was so fun to be inside a zombie’s head. However, I didn’t like the character Perry. I hate how his voice was stuck in R’s head, I didn’t really care that much about Perry’s backstory or his life goals. I was more interested in R’s life and his thoughts and I think that Perry’s thoughts got in the way. Read More

‘Until the End (The Quarantined Series: Book 1)’ by Tracey Ward Review

Book Review

I picked this e-book up for free from the Amazon store simply because I’m a sucker for an apocalyptic zombie YA book. I figured since it was free that was already a good enough incentive to give the book a shot.

I flew through the book in a matter of 2 days, I couldn’t seem to put it down, I just had to find out what happened to Jordan and Alissa. That being said this book isn’t as deeply polished as some of the other zombie books I’ve read, but that didn’t stop me from my overall enjoyment of the characters and the post-apocalyptic world that Tracey created.  Read More